What size should I get?

Please refer to our size chart (click here) if you are unsure what size to get. We recommend sizing up if you are unsure or between sizes, our bootees will hug the ankle and stay on even as the foot grows.  

Are they child safety certified?

Yes, our products are third-party certified lead-free, non-flammable and non-toxic. Our products are certified safe and meet all US child safety regulations. (And, you’re a great parent for checking. :)

What is the knit? 

A material made up of strong yet lightweight strands of yarn that have been woven into a one-piece upper, comfortably securing a child's foot to a flexible sole. It’s 100% recycled material. 

Are they cruelty-free?

100%. HARTS are sustainable and vegan. We use vegan leather and premium recycled knit to make our soft, washable shoes. 

Are they a sock or a shoe?

Yes. Bootees are soft and stretchy like a sock and durable like a light shoe. The best of both worlds, a sock-shoe. 

Should they be worn with socks?

If you want! They’re super cute with a tall or short sock underneath. But the soft inside fibers go just fine on bare feet. The purpose of Bootees is to simplify your life and get rid of all of the baby socks that fall off and shoes that hurt feet. 

Are they machine washable?

Yes. We recommend wash normally and air dry. Easy peasy. The dryer will not hurt them, but they will last longer if you air dry. 

What's your return policy?

For a return/exchange label, click here. To contact us, click here.

Become a Retailer

At this time, we are expanding quickly online, and we cannot accommodate most stores. Please reach out with business enquires: hi@hartsbootees.com.