Collection: The Sidekick

Meet the NEW classic, our stay-on sneaker, The Sidekick.

No more lost socks and shoes that make them fall. 100% machine washable and the perfect combination of style and amazing function. Wear them for the park, indoor playing and wherever your first steps take you. 

You'll be free to enjoy all the adventures too with no laces to tie, our grippy soles help walking (and avoid falling) and of course socks are optional. Sidekicks dress up or down for every event. More colors coming soon!

Stay Clean. Stay Sane. Look Adorbs.

Every mother knows, socks fall off and clunky shoes make them fall.

You can relax with no laces to tie, 100% machine washability and lightweight, natural rubber soles, as close to bare feet as you can be. Of course, sustainably made. And 100% designed to stay on.