HARTS Bootees

Socks fall off. Shoes hurt.

Introducing Bootees...soft like a sock & durable like a shoe. Slip on and stay on. For indoor & outdoor. Walkers and prewalkers. Washable. Sustainable. No socks needed.

So you can get back to bigger things.



Go everywhere, get it done. You can toss HARTS in the wash. Simply air dry.

Indoor & Outdoor

Too many first shoes keep you stuck inside. These bootees are made for walking (and crawling) indoors & out.

No Socks Needed

Our bootees are soft, breathable and natural like socks, with the durability of a shoe.


Wasted bottles into first steps.

HARTS are designed with a revolutionary knit made from recycled plastic bottles. Every thread is crafted with your child's first steps in mind.

We added just the right dose of elastic for easy slip on around the ankle, and toughness at the toe--all while giving ankles free range of movement.

Indoor & Outdoor


Walker & Prewalker


Sustainably Made

Socks optional

I am so happy I found this 2-in-1. Love!

– Kristen

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I admired these bootees online for a while. So glad I finally bought some. And I love that they are sustainable too!

– Alyssa

Need 3 more pairs, honestly they are adorable!! Love em!

– Danielle

They are designed so perfectly! I LOVE them! They're the easiest ever.

– Sam

"Love. Wildly functional yet fashionable." 


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