Machine Washable

Throw us in the wash for a brand new clean shoe.

Stay On

Our shoes are designed with high quality elastic to hold onto the foot in the most comfortable way.

Durable, Breathable Knit

Our one-of-a-kind BabyFine knit is the perfect combination of stretch and durability for natural movement and protection.

Sustainable Style

Each pair of HARTS is recycled from plastics and spun into our modern styles.

Flexible Rubber Sole

For new walkers, natural movement is key. It's a time of learning balance and posture--for life! We believe in staying out of the way with natural rubber soles.

No Socks Needed

You don't have the time for lost socks. Slip on our breathable knits and get going.

Park Boss Boots

It's an Amazon #1 New Release for a reason. Meet our all-season... 

Shop Collection

Soft like a sock. Durable like a shoe.  We're the "gateway shoe."... 

  • HARTS sidekick sneaker for walkers and pre walkers. best first shoes.

    Indoor & Outdoor

    "THESE DO IT ALL!! Just hands down the best pair of young toddler shoes on the market. If you have been on the fence, just buy them!!!"

  • HARTS sustainably made toddler boots, first shoes, flexible soles

    No Socks Needed

    "They are so easy to slip on and off, they STAY ON, and they are cuter than cute! Will now be giving these as baby gifts to all of our friends - they’re the best!"

  • HARTS baby shoes that stay on and are machine washable

    100% Washable

    "These are the best bootees for your littles feet, cute, comfy and washable!"