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The Five Best Mom Friends You Need in Your Life

Having a little one in your life changes everything.  Maybe in your pre-child years you were all about movies and restaurants and hanging with friends.  But this new chapter means combining your mommy responsibilities with a new type of social life.

This can be challenging to adjust to but you can totally do it!  And because raising kids takes a village, your lifeline will be all about the friends you keep.

Your child free friends are amazing and love your little one, but having mom friends makes a world of difference.  They’ve been there.  They just know, you know?

New to this whole mommy social life thing?  Here are five mom friends every new mama needs to thrive.

The Cheerleader

The Cheerleader mom is the one who supports you on a deeper level.  They aren’t just excited and spreading joy to you and your little love bug, although that alone makes you feel warm and fuzzy. 

This is the friend that’s checking up on you, praying for you, sending you uplifting messages and are always there to listen.  She understands the joys and struggles of new motherhood and will always remind you that you’re doing an amazing job.

Cheerleader mom friends are all about encouragement.  They aren’t insisting their advice is the best or telling you how hard motherhood is going to get.  They’re thinking way higher than that.

A Cheerleader mom friend will casually check in to see how’s it going while respecting your time and boundaries.  They support your choices and will never mommy shame you.

Instead, they’re focused on your well being.  Maybe they’re dropping off a home cooked meal or coming by to clean your house and watch your baby while you nap.  Or they’ll simply be supplying you with endless hilarious mom memes that brighten your day.

The Talk Show Host

Are you ready for a good laugh?  Then your funny mom friend, the Talk Show Host is there to keep you entertained.  This mama is able to change a diaper while passionately recapping the latest episode of Handmaids Tale.

Whether you’re pushing strollers through the neighborhood or enjoying a baby free brunch, your Talk Show Host is a conversational delight.  And the only theme to your conversation is there’s no theme at all.

This is the friend who reminds you that before you had the mama title, you were… well, you.  And you still are.

Your Talk Show Host mom friend is sending you middle of the night texts alerting you that both Carter’s and Kate Spade are having massive sales this weekend.  They have the most thrilling stories about surviving a four hour plane ride with their toddler, keeping you on the end of your seat every time.

The Chef

Breakfast to you might sometimes be shoveling a handful of dry Cheerios in your mouth on the way to the shower.  And even though you’re weirded out at baby food expiration dates, you can’t imagine pureeing all that food yourself when you’d rather take a big ‘ol nap instead.

Your Chef Mom friend is the one to make sure everyone’s tummies are full.  She’s the snack and meal pro for both mamas and their babes.

With Rachel Ray ease, she can crank out the most delicious lactation cookies.  And even better?  She’s excited to load you up with plenty.  But that’s not all.

Your Chef Mom friend is a baby food recipe genius and knows all different ways to pack in nutrients so your baby is well fed.  Even better, she’s got tips on doing this stress free. 

She’ll gladly share her food knowledge to help both you and your baby eat healthy without losing hours to meal prep.

The Seasoned Expert

When things start to get overwhelming you can turn to Google for answers or call on your good friend, the Seasoned Expert.  Spoiler: turning to Google will not end well!

So much of those new motherhood worries are really no big deal at all.  If you’ve got a mom friend who has been down this road a time or two (or three or four) then you’ve got someone who can really weigh in with personal experience.

The Seasoned Expert isn’t fazed by a strange baby sleep schedule or not seeing a poopy diaper for a day or two.  They’ve gone through the birthing process enough times and can tell you first hand that you’ll make it through.

Here is a mom friend who is totally cool as a cucumber.  She’s the one who’s ready for anything but is super chill because she’s seen it all.

The Personal Stylist

Your Personal Stylist mom friend is the one who’s baby has all the best clothes at exactly the right size for yours.  

She makes huge deposits of adorable outfits, dresses and baby shoes each season.  She is the mom friend who is beyond thrilled to have someone who can use the loads of baby clothes she needs to get rid of. 

This mama is almost always a sale finding queen.  You’ll see this when the occasional brand new item with tags makes its way into the clothing bag and you spot that great deal.

She’s always on the hunt for the most adorable outfits at a steal, and her babe always looks cozy and cute.

But her super powers don’t end there.  Your Personal Stylist mom friend is a stain removing pro.  When you have questions on how to tackle today’s stain of the day, she’s your gal.

Which Mom Friend Are You?

Having a mom crew to raise your children with is the best.  Everyone brings their unique personality traits and mom expertise to the table.  Playdates become a time not to just admire all those cute little toddler shoes but to have real conversations.

You learn how to show up as a friend while also figuring out motherhood.

In return, your children have the benefit of a mom who’s feeling more empowered and excited.  A true super mama who models how to be a good friend and how to pick a good friend..

And that’s what really counts. 

What are some things that make your mommy friend style unique? 
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