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Save These Items For Your Next Family Beach Adventure!

Summer is almost here, which means sun, fun, and lots of beach time! As any parent knows, a lot goes into packing for a beach adventure with children. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite beach hack must-haves! 

Baby powder is a total no-brainer for beach trips! Sprinkle it on, and the sand comes off like magic. It's perfect for sandy hands before a snack, or for wiping off a sandy bottom before a diaper change!

We recently discovered Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator, and it’s truly amazing! Covering your wiggly on-the-move babe in sunscreen can turn into a complete battle. Solar Buddies makes it so easy to apply your favorite sunscreen.  For older toddlers and kiddos, it’s also a great way to have them get involved and learn (or help) to put their sunscreen on independently!


A good misting fan is so underrated. They're great for the whole family to use, and they instantly cool you down!

We swear by a pop-up beach tent (they also make tent/pool combos!). There are so many amazing beach tents out there, but having one that pops-up saves you so much time and energy! Save that for playing and running with your kids ;)

A silicone beach bucket and toys save a lot of space. Plastic buckets are bulky and can be tedious to carry, but the silicone ones flatten and fit in just about any beach bag, giving you more space for other beach day essentials!

The Bogg Bag is the perfect beach tote. It's totally waterproof, has holes for sand to fall through, and fits all the essentials. Extra mesh bags are also a must-have for sandy beach items. Throw your towel and beach toys inside, give it a good shake, and you’re off!

We love this snack spinner for quick snack access. It’s fun for kiddos to practice their fine motor skills by pressing the middle button down, and you can fit a good amount of snacks inside!


HARTS Park Boss also moonlights as a Beach Boss! They're light, breathable, and flexible - perfect for walking on the sand for babies who might not be ready for sandy toes. And for those that are, they're quick and easy to slip on when you're leaving the beach!


Do you have anything to add to the list? Share your beachy tips and hacks below!

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