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Best Fall Shoes for New Walkers

Babies crush milestone after milestone, don’t they? As parents, we are there, right next to them, to witness all the ups, and to make the downs just a little less uncomfortable. We want to support our babies every way we can. So is your baby taking their first steps this fall? Let’s make sure that they start off on the right foot. These are some things to keep in mind when shopping for the best fall shoes for new walkers… and some fall layering and styling tips. Let’s gear up!

Offering a Little Warmth, Grip, Support and Protection

At first, socks are all your baby needs, but as soon as they start to really put weight on their little feet, it is time to switch out those socks for something that offers a little more warmth. grip, support and protection. This is, of course, especially important during fall and winter when the floor they will be walking on is likely a bit colder, or even a little wet. Besides that, is there anything more fun than picking out cute shoes that match your baby's outfit, as well as their newfound desire to explore the world around them one step at a time? 

At this stage, wiggling and wobbling is part of the deal as their joints are still forming and their legs do not bend in the same way ours do just yet. On top of that, new walkers' feet are still a bit chubby (and cute!), but are starting to slowly take shape, so they can do with a little flexibility and wiggle room to accommodate growing feet. The best beginner walking shoes for fall—or anytime of the year—therefore, are those that offer protection and grip, while at the same time allowing your baby to still feel the ground they are walking on, which helps your first time walker to develop their balance. Ideally, they will hug your baby's feet and ankle, while giving their little toes a bit of room to move. All of these characteristics will allow your baby to slowly get used to the sensation of wearing shoes, making the transition from socks to shoes a little easier for them. 

Another thing to keep in mind now that your little one might be exploring more adventurous surfaces while they are joining you for some outdoor adventures, is durability. Good quality sturdy shoes are great for fall as you will not have to worry as much about a little puddle or a bit of mud. Bonus points if they are machine washable!  

Bonus: Instagram-worthiness 

Fall is perhaps the best instagram season? Don’t you think? Nature offers a stunning array of backgrounds for baby pictures… (think: the most beautiful shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown and golden-hour sunsets). On top of that, leaves, apples, and pumpkins are great photo props. And don’t get us started on fall baby outfits… knitwear, leggings, ribbed overalls, and hats with pom-pom’s. The look and feel of our little fashionable HARTS booties complement these kinds of outfits perfectly. They can be worn without socks, but we love a layered look, don’t you? 

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