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Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

The Christmas countdown has officially started. Aren't you excited? Perhaps you have already tried a new Christmas recipe or two (Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, for example, or a sweet pumpkin-apple soup), or bought a couple of new ornaments for the tree… But if you want to avoid last-minute Christmas shopping (which nobody really likes), then now is the time to make sure to tick your little one’s list before the things you want are out of stock. Not sure what to get? Don't worry, Santa’s elves have created a lovely little list of beautiful Christmas gift ideas for babies and toddlers. These are all gifts that are practical, minimalistic and sustainable, so your little one will be able to use and enjoy them year round. 

Moon-Shaped Baby Doll Stroller

Ready to splurge a little? Winiurka creates amazing high-quality, handcrafted and sustainable wooden toys that enhance imaginative play. We are obsessed with their moon shaped baby doll stroller, but they offer a wide range of learning toys and climbing furniture, so we are sure that you will find something that will be the perfect gift for your little one. 

Gift Membership to a Local Zoo or Museum

Looking for a gift that is both fun and educational? What about a gift membership to a local zoo, (science) museum where your little one(s) can learn about their environment. No museums nearby? Sign them up for toddler arts and crafts classes? Or what about a magazine subscription like National Geographic Little Kids, for example, Zootles, or Babybug? So many things to choose from. 

For Those Taking their First Steps Early 2022

Are you buying a present for someone who is taking their very first steps early 2022? Then we know exactly what to get! HARTS bootees are a booty and a sock in one, so in a way that is a two for one deal, right? But that is not all there is to these cute little functional and fashionable first time walker shoes. They are sturdy, washable, easy to get on—but luckily a lot harder for your baby to get off by themselves—and made of recycled knit and vegan leather. They will look absolutely amazing in all your family's winter pictures especially combined with some chunky tights or socks. They come in grey, tan and navy blue, and everyone I know is raving about them. 

Fun Food Motivation

Want to make dinnertime (even more) fun for your toddler? This elephant shaped stick & stay plate by Done by Deer will do that for you! It is made from 100% silicone and if you press it down on a smooth surface, it will not slide around due to its natural suction. The ear of the elephant is actually a little bowl that will help your toddler schoop up food while learning to eat by themselves. Want to add some cute and colorful utensils? We really like the sustainable ones Avanchy sells. 

Zoe Rabbit, Jeremy Owl, or Vera the Hedgehog

The Hazel Village creates the cutest organic woodland dolls and animals. They are all ethically made by artisans from all around the world. Best of all, they believe that each gift should be as special as the person receiving it, and therefore they offer the option of adding clothing to the doll and also offer matching childrenswear. The otherding process is a lot of fun as well - it is a little like playing dress up online. 

Handmade Baby Nest Bed

What is your favorite thing to do during the holidays? Eat good food and take long naps, right? Your little one would probably agree with you on that one. We have found some of the coziest baby nest beds out there and are especially in love with the wide variety of prints baby nest beds offer. They also come in different sizes, from newborn, to toddler and ‘medium’. They also have beds with wool filling for those extra chilly naps. 

We hope that we have been able to show you that online Christmas shopping can actually be fun, and that there are plenty of fun and functional gifts out there that you and your little one will surely enjoy for months and months. We wish you and your family a warm and joyful Christmas and hope that your little one will love their gift(s) as much as we loved looking for the best ones out there.

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