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7 Last Minute Baby Shower Gifts That Will Wow Every Mom

(#3 Can Be Found at Target on the Way There!)

By Rebekah Puleo

For many friends of expectant moms, a baby registry is the guiding light to help welcome a new addition.  These foolproof lists should for sure be where every gift giver starts their shopping journey.

Sticking to a registry is guaranteed to put a smile on soon-to-be mama’s face.  But if you’re a procrastinator you might have found yourself with slim pickings a time or two.  No judgment, we’ve all been there the night before… slightly panicking.

You love gift giving and want to be sure that the growing family knows you love them.  But winging it is risky.  One wrong move and your gift could be sent right back to where it came from, adding more work for new parents.

Lucky for you, the list of things you need for a new baby is crazy long.  So there's plenty out there that’s baby approved.

Grab a brightly colored gift bag and some fun tissue paper.  Then follow this complete buying guide to mix and match some of the best baby shower gifts not on the registry

Get ready for plenty of oohs and ahhs come gift reveal time!

1)  Sidestep Baby Shoes and Grab a Pair of HARTS Instead

Gifting baby shoes is tempting but you should definitely avoid it.  Sure, they’re so cute but in reality they’re also impractical and can hurt little feet.  Even baby sock shoes, while comfier, are adorable until one gets lost.  Then it's game over. 

Instead, opt for a pair of HARTS Bootees, the best of both worlds.  Each pair is guaranteed to get some real mileage since they don’t fall off and, unlike shoes, are washable.

Buying tip:  Do baby a favor and get a few different colors to keep outfits fresh. Pick them up here.

2)  Crinkle Toys

Ok, this may not sound like a big deal but if you buy a few crinkle toys for a baby, you are buying their mom time back on her life.  These tactile toys are the best thing since mama’s milk and entertain long enough for a busy mom to take a shower and enjoy her morning coffee.

Not to mention these toys are so great for baby’s development and come in so many different styles and themes.

Buying tip:  Want to be friend of the year?  Stock your mom friend up with a variety.  One for the car, one for the nursery and one for the diaper bag.  She will thank you!

3)  Postpartum Survival Kit 

Sure, baby showers are for ..well, baby.  But mama deserves some of the fun too.  Childbirth is like running a marathon, pausing to take a 20 minute nap, then running an even longer marathon.  Products that pamper and support her while she’s adjusting to motherhood are ways to remind her that she is strong and loved.

Pick her up some stretch mark cream, gel nipple pads, witch hazel pads and Dermoplast to equip her for the ride that is postpartum healing.

Buying tip:  Add a few lactation friendly snacks like granola bars or trail mix to sweeten the deal.

4)  Newborn Photos

Got a bigger budget to work with or happen to be a talented photographer yourself?  Gifting a newborn photoshoot is one of the best non traditional gifts you can give.  Normally gift certificates would be considered impersonal and create a little more work for new moms, but this one is a total winner.

Good quality photos with the personal touch of a baby whisperer will really make a lasting impression.  

Buying Tip:  Make sure to include some prints and digital rights with the photo package so parents can share all the cuteness on social media.  And don’t forget to present the gift certificate details in a beautiful frame.

5)  Baby Friendly Cleaning Supplies

This may sound basic and boring, but stocking up new parents with baby friendly dish soap, toy wipes and clothing stain removal products will help out big time.  These are usually forgotten products but oh-so necessary for keeping things clean and safe.

Make sure to follow mama’s lead and stick with brands listed on her registry. 

Buying tip:  No clues on the registry on what brands to use? Start with popular brands listed at the end of this list.

6) Bandana Bibs

Before you know it, little baby teeth will begin to sprout!  And with that, oodles of drool will flow, soaking that little chest area.  Set up baby to be the trendiest cutie in the playpen with bandana bibs.  Not only do they keep babies dry but you’d be helping parents avoid mountains of extra drool soaked laundry.

Buying tip:  You can’t underestimate the supersonic strength little babies have (seriously, how do those little fists clench like that?!).  Opt for a set that has snaps not velcro and parents won’t have to wrangle their mini Arnold Schwarzenegers to keep putting bibs back on.

7) Think Travel Size

Someone already claim the bathtime gift set?  Get a few mini versions of what's on the registry.  Having an extra lotion, hand sanitizer and diaper rash cream for the diaper bag, car and even other side of the house will come in handy big time.

Buying tip:  Some brands have their own pre assembled kits but you can make cute ones with a personal touch.  Get a few clear cosmetic bags, some twine and add tags with colorful cardstock to label where they go.

Bonus: Add an encouraging note on the tag for some extra love.

Time to Shop

Here are a few of our favorite items to get you started.  And while we know these are awesome choices, always be sure to slip that gift receipt in your card anyways. 

Happy Shopping!

1)  HARTS Bootees

2)  Crinkle Toys
Taggies Crinkle Me Toy
All About Shapes with Elmo Soft Book
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sensory Soft Book

3)  PostPartum Products
Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads
Bamboobies Stretch Mark + Scar Balm Cream
Bamboobies 100% Organic Nipple Balm
Bamboobies Regular Washable Nursing Pads
Milkmakers Lactation Cookie Bites

Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit - Tip: this has everything mom needs!

4)  Photo Frames
Monique Lhuillier Marlowe Frame
Pearhead Babyprints Desk Frame

5)  Baby Friendly Cleaning Brands

Dapple Baby
Honest Company

6)  Bandana Bibs
Hudson Baby Girl, 4 Pack
Copper Pearl Boy, 4 Pack

7)  Travel Size Kits
5 Piece Transparent Waterproof Cosmetic Bags
Clear Makeup Bag, 3 Pack
Leaf Shaped Brown Hang Labels with Twine
Colorful Scalloped Paper Labels with Twine
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