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5 Ways to Get Free Babysitting

They're cute. But any new parent knows, you do the cooking, cleaning, probably work and now you have a little child relying on you for everything. Tensions can run high. Very high. Or you can just feel low, like you’re losing yourself. It is absolutely imperative to carve out some time for your sanity. Here are some ideas to get some baby help for FREE.


Help a Friend


Make friends with other mamas that live nearby--chances are they are in the same boat and would LOVE a friend to trade babysitting duties with. Start for shorter periods like a run to the grocery store or a doctor’s visit. It’s easy to watch one more little one, especially after yours can play and interact. And your friend will get you back. Set up a weekly schedule to free you both up once a week!

Call a Relative

If you have family nearby that you trust, baby’s grandma or aunts and uncles, they will be more than happy to to give an afternoon or two to help you out. If they don’t have kids--even if they do--they will relish the opportunity to slow down and spend time with the newest family member. And you can repay them with a big, “Thank you!” and a hug.

Go to Church

Most churches and houses of worship have qualified, background-checked adults watching the kids during service. You are generally expected to stay there and attend the service. But it might be a refreshing chance to clear your head and talk with adults for an hour or two. And baby will grow from the experience of singing and playing in a new environment.

Join a Gym

Many gyms have free babysitting hours. Retro Fitness and some YMCAs have free babysitting for members from certain hours like 4-8 every afternoon. Check what’s available around you. Yes, you have to pay the gym membership, but after that you may have free access to babysitting.

Recruit your Husband

He’ll feel proud of his Daddying skills after he puts baby to bed or takes them out on his own. They need to bond too. Schedule some time to do your thing when your husband can take over the baby duties. Bonus: He’ll have a new respect for all the balls you’re juggling.

Do you have any more ideas? Do tell!

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