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4 Ways to Style a Baby

Every mama knows one of the best parts of being a parent is that adorable baby fashion.  Is it the fact that this baby is half you and oh so sweet and small?  Yes!  Is it also the fact that cute baby outfits are automatically more fun to style? Also yes!

But it can be a little overwhelming when starting to build out a wardrobe that’s functional and stylish.  And as cute as it can all look on hangers, there’s a high chance your baby will have a blowout on at least a handful of these options. 

So making sure you’re able to keep your little one is comfy but also instagram ready, takes a little guidance.  Read on for 5 ways to make your stylish baby girl or boy ready for any occasion.

Stick With Comfort

Rule number one is never to trade in comfort when picking out trendy baby clothes.  You’ll quickly realize that a baby outfit that makes your mama job harder isn’t worth the time or energy.

Shoes that hurt, a headband that slips off or too many snaps can add extra stress.  Skip these altogether and anything else you find doesn't mesh well. 

Soft sole baby shoes (like HARTS!) solve your shoe problem and look way cute.  As for accessories?  Depends on the baby.

Some babies will enjoy a hat or headband and others will toss them as soon as they get the chance.  In this case, baby makes the call.  And anything that causes a headache is surely not worth it.

Layer Up

As you’ve probably found in your own wardrobe, not every piece can be a unique item.  And hip baby clothes do tend to make mixing and matching a little tricker.

So to sidestep this, a good rule is to think about layering around a few basic pieces.  Tiny jean jackets, sparkled leggings, and anything with frills can make an ordinary baby out and turn fun.  But putting your baby in all those at the same time is just plain silly.

Working around a plain onesie or layering a fun item with something a bit more conservative is the way to go here. 

Remember that even basic pieces can spruce up an outfit.  A snazzy baby in some soft sole baby shoes can have the look feeling more together and less “busy”.  

Three Words to Live By:  Mommy. And. Me.

There’s no better accessory a baby can have than a mama by their side. 

Seriously , though - twinning with your baby is the best part of baby fashion.  Whether you choose to go item for item or coordinate color schemes, a stylish baby always looks better when hanging with mom.

And there’s so many ways to play this.  You can start day one in the hospital with matching robe and swaddle sets.  Or go for the family photo set, locking in the look as a permanent memory to enjoy.

These days you can find Mommy and Me outfits everywhere.  There’s even ways to get baby and doll matching outfits to keep the tradition going. 

This may be cheesy to some but remember - one day they’ll want to pick out their own clothes, so enjoy while you can!


An unexpected accessory to style with? Diapers!

Sure, nothing is really cute about those white poo-catchers.  But with the roll out of so many patterns and colors, there’s actually room to have a little fun.

Plus, printed and fun diapers come in handy when you can’t find the matching bloomers that come with those designer infant girl clothes.

A noticeable pop for when they’re learning to waddle around, your baby in some jazzed up diapers will have them standing out as the trendiest baby on the block.  Not to mention, they still get the stinky job done!

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