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4 Secrets to Keeping Your Career on Track After Baby

Moms are known for being the ultimate multitaskers.  Balancing marriage, home life and a career isn’t easy.  Still, every day so many super moms are doing it.

The work at home and the time dedicated to your family should never go unnoticed, though.  Unpaid moms who run the house deserve so much credit.  And while it might seem like more applause goes to the moms who choose to work too, know that all mom work is valuable.

Still, it’s oftentimes wondered, can moms have both if they want to?

It can seem like you might have to choose between a beautiful family and a fulfilling career.  The truth is, you can totally do both.  You just might need to take a step back with your job for a season.

But don’t worry about not keeping up with your career.  Though it might feel scary to step back, there are few ways to easily jump right back in when you’re ready.  

With four key tips outlined here, you can rest assured your career will wait for you while you’re focusing on family.  

Stay Engaged

Just because you’re entering full time mom-life doesn't mean you can’t stay updated on what’s happening in the world.

And as you know, it feels like so much changes when you go on maternity leave or take a break from working.  New technology, new trends and new systems might start forming.  But you can still be in the know.

If you’re already on mom social networking sites getting baby advice, try seeing if any other working moms out there share your industry.  It never hurts to compare notes and swap reading materials.

Finding a few podcasts or newsletters that are relevant to your industry will also be a game changer.  Skimming through the business section of the paper gives you a peek at what big deals have newly been secured, potentially having a domino effect in other areas.

Pressed for time?  Catching the highlights on the company’s social media will give you quick updates daily.  

Carve Out Time for You 

While trying to figure out how to balance work and family as a mom, always be sure to make time for you. 

It may take a bit to get here since time is always at a premium. 

But put simply, clock out of mommying once a week.  Whether you dedicate one nap time or have grandma sit in is up to you.  Maybe you’re a night owl and prefer to savor the silence after bedtime has begun.

While it’s certainly an adjustment at first, this one will get easier in time.  And it’s entirely up to you on how you want to interpret it.

What is something you loved doing pre-baby?  Are you a crafter at heart or someone who loves a good book in silence?

Is there another passion of yours you never got to pursue?  Perhaps your home workouts are just not as fun as going for a Saturday morning jog alone. 

If your brain has time to breath and enjoy the things you love, you’ll actually end up being a better player when it comes to your home and work responsibilities.  

Kind of amazing how the brain works, right?  It has a built in need for rest as a way of being more effective.

So while you are maybe stressing on how to balance work and family as a mom, knowing that you time is key is a great place to begin.

Keep Your Network Connected

Of all the 3 secrets here, this one is by far the most important.  Maintaining and even growing your network is key, regardless of employment status.  Your professional network is a community you’ll trade information with and swap favors for.

Not to mention, friends in the biz are amazing advocates if you choose to pursue a different direction when reentering the workforce.

Staying connected doesn't have to mean check in emails or coffee dates, although those are great suggestions (who doesn’t love getting out of the house for coffee?).  It can and should be something that keeps you in their orbit, even on a personal level.

Sending birthday and holiday cards are just as impactful and pack a more personal touch.  People love to be thought of and to feel understood.  If you’re able to leave that lasting impression on your network, you’ll be welcomed back with ease, when you’re ready.

See It.  Believe It.

Imposter syndrome, otherwise known as the lie in your brain that tells you you aren't qualified, is a huge problem for women.  If you’ve taken time off to focus on motherhood and you’re feeling unprepared to hop back in, you’re not alone.

But a career detour is no excuse to eliminate yourself from an exciting opportunity.  And plus, nothing can take away the experiences you’ve had and the achievements you’ve earned through the years.

It's common to aim low when on the job hunt, for fear you might not be qualified for anything more.  Swat away these thoughts and adjust your super-mom cape.

Moms are already powerhouses at home.  It would be a bummer to hold your talents back from the workforce.  There just isn’t another you.

You’ve maintained your network, you’ve stayed sharp and you’ve let your brain exercise freely.  Now boldly get ready to jump back in!

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