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4 Practical Daycare Upgrades That Will Make Your Life Easier

There may come a time in your journey as a parent where you’ll need to explore the option of daycare.  Maybe you’re heading back into the office or need some well deserved time to yourself. 

Either way — you’ve got this, mama!

No matter where your feelings have settled on this, there are some great perks.  For one, your munchkin will get to be social around other children their age, which is so great for their development.  You also get the benefit of meeting other parents, forming an exclusive community.

Welcome to the club!

And like all things, having the right gear always makes new changes easier to adjust to.  Looking for the easiest way to transition to daycare life?  You might already have a daycare list of supplies, but here’s a way to upgrade that.

These items will help you stay organized and be fully equipped! 

Labels, Labels, Labels

The concerns surrounding germs at daycare are definitely warranted.  Even the best efforts to keep little ones from sharing drool covered toys can fail.

But there is a way to help daycare teachers out in this department.  But you’d mostly be helping yourself out if you want to guarantee that your child comes home with the same items they left with. 

The solution in two words?  Label.  Everything.

Load up on personalized name labels for everything you send your child with.  Not only does this give you the peace of mind, but you’ll be doing a major solid for your child’s teacher. 

Because at the end of the day, all those diaper bags sure do start to blur together.

Labeling can be as simple as using a sharpie but these days there are so many cute ways to personalize your child’s items.

Lunchboxes and blankets can be embroidered.  Iron on name labels for coats and spare clothes can stand the test of time (and multiple washes!).  You can even create your own custom name stickers or order from a shop that specializes in this. 

Extra tip: Make sure to buy labels that guarantee lasting through high temp washes!

Spill Proof Water Cup

Studies show that children who drink from cups as early as 6 months can wean off the bottle easier than those who don't. 

The act of drinking from a cup is also connected to better dental hygiene, developing fine motor skills and helps develop mouth muscles - which comes in handy for talking.

So while sippy cups are great for keeping your busy one hydrated, upgrading them to a cup gives them a huge advantage.  And you never want to miss out on setting up your babe for success!

There’s an obvious issue with this, of course.  You don’t want to be the parent who expects your child’s daycare teachers to carry the heavy load here.

Spills, soaked clothing and a frustrated toddler are inevitable if you supply your child with a cup for water.

Luckily for all parties, there is now an option that sits squarely between the ominous “big kid” cup and the uninspiring sippy cup.  Even the best sippy cup will fall short, sorry to say.

Parents can now opt to let their little ones have their water and drink it too.  Spill proof cups come with a soft silicone covering that move only when your babe presses their lips on to drink.

It’ll only take a few turns at home to master handling one of these, giving you peace of mind.  Slap a fancy name label on and you’re good to go.


Let’s keep going with the mealtime theme, here! 

Your child will eat meals and snacks at daycare every day they go, so investing a little more in this area is a smart idea.

Part of the adjustment to daycare life might involve some meal strikes.  So while you’re on the hunt to collect the best recipes for baby food, how it's served will matter too.  

A great thermos that keeps your child’s food at the right temp is a great plus for everyone.

Some daycares don’t warm up foods but even if they do, you’re little one will be ready to eat in one step.

A thermos makes adding creativity to meals easier too.  Since you won’t be confined to something that can remain cool in a lunchbox, feel free to mix it up.

Your toddler going through a spaghetti kick at the moment?  How about some warmed up tater tots and veggie bites?  The meal options are endless and don’t require any additional thought.

Baby Shoes That Don’t Fall Off

A little bit of bad news, sorry to say.  No matter how hard you try, no matter how many labels you add, your child’s socks will disappear.  They will leave those small feet and enter a parallel universe never to be seen again.

Ok, this is a bit dramatic.  But there is some truth here and it’s better to mourn this loss early.

However, you do have options.  Opting for a pair of baby booties could add the extra layer of security to those tiny feet.  Although, seasoned parents will advise that there is no winner here.

While baby sock shoes might seem to do the trick, they’re an invitation for your curious mini.  And the challenge to pry them off will be accepted!  And because they are a smart little tot, they’ll succeed.

HARTS Bootees are daycare tested and approved.  Your child’s feet will be free to roam but cozied up and warm all year long. 

And since they can’t fall off, you can expect to see them at pickup, everytime.

Check out all the trendy (and washable!) colors at hartsbootees.com.

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