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3 Best First Foods to Give a Baby

With both of my babies it was a surprise the day the doctor said I should start feeding them pureed foods. You just get into your milk and naps routine and before you know it, it’s time for bibs and spoons and getting out the Ninja blender.

My son's doctor told me:


"The first few years of eating are so crucial. Babies are open to all the flavors...up until 18 months when they start to have their own opinion."


So now’s the time to get them into fruit and veg.


Organic please. I like this because it’s simple and sweet. You don’t even need the blender. Just smash one end with a fork and see if they like it.

Babies spit a lot out. Just be patient and slow with them as they figure out what to do with the mush you just put into their mouth.


Avocado is the perfect first food for babies. I like this because it’s not too sweet. My doctor encouraged me to stay away from too much fruit for my son because he said that’s all they’ll want. I think avocado is a great choice because it’s pretty much ready as soon as it’s ripe.

Allergens: The universal advice is to expose your baby to honey, nuts, fish and allergens around their first birthday. It’s good to do it on a day that your doctor’s office is open in case you see a reaction.


Melons are a great choice. Do babies like melons? Um, yes, we all do. It’s fun to see them suck on these. Just cut a chunk and hold it in your hand. Let them suck on it and get a soft little piece. Believe me, they’ll grab on with both fists to keep it in their mouth.

Tiny plates: I always felt like I didn’t want to drown in baby clutter so I was wary of all the baby eating gear. Babies can use a small bowl that you have and any teaspoon will work. Alright, I had one baby spoon for my son that I still use for my daughter. But that’s it for me. I say, keep it simple, because in a few short months they’ll be chewing! Don’t cry mama. It’ll be fun.

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