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It's Here! The Ultimate Guide to Playroom Organization

If you’re like most moms, you probably have to pause at the end of the day to take in the incredible mess your children have made. Toys every which way, baby booties thrown about and crayons scattered everywhere. Where do you start?

While you shovel all the loose items into some kind of storage area, maybe you think to yourself, “Am I having deja vu?”.

Nope mama, you most certainly are not.

This is simply your nightly routine, in hopes of having your house in some kind of order. That is, until your sweet little one opens their eyes in the morning.

There’s got to be a better system to keep your child’s playroom from looking like a warzone, right?


Creating an easy to maintain system for your child’s playroom is so key. You’ll be teaching good habits and keeping your home tidier - which helps a lot.

Step One: Get All Toys off the Floor

Say goodbye to stressful piles that never quite seem to stay in their designated corner. Investing in a piece of furniture dedicated to holding toys will make your life way easier.

For one, seeing all the toys on display helps keep them all in rotation. You’ll also give your child a sense of order when each toy has a “home” to go to after playtime is over.

A safe and sturdy playroom storage solution that is favored by parents everywhere is the cubby storage shelf. A good quality storage shelf plus easy to move organizing bins for toys provide child access to toys.

The uncomplicated look comes with clean lines that will totally transform any space. Mix in your own style by adding color with your baskets or bins plus a fun playroom rug.

Keep in mind that messes happen anywhere (not that you needed reminding). So be sure to avoid cloth lined containers.

Then Add Functional Storage Furniture

Needing a little more space organizing toys? Adding a piece of furniture that opens up but serves in another way will save the day.

Try a toy chest with a cushion on the lid to have a bench. Kids can sit and play then pack up their remaining toys before heading off to bed.

This added space makes way for bigger toys that might not fit in the cubby bins or works as a costume chest.

Bonus decorating tip: Stencil your child’s name(s) on the bench. Your playroom is almost ready!

Color Coordinate Kids Crafts (Also, Say That Ten Times Fast)

A quick and easy way to divide crafts between children and simplify the cleanup process is to use colors.

Designating a color to each child’s craft bin will make creative fun way easier. Little ones will know all their art supplies are held in one place, making it easy to take out and easy to put back.

Not to mention you’d be sidestepping sibling fights since everyone gets their own stash.

When each child has an easy to spot craft bin in their favorite color, they have a feeling of ownership and will take special care of their items. 

Have an Art gallery 

Your kids are going to be churning out new art daily with their new color coded organization system, right? So it could get a little overwhelming if your wall is fully papered with all that homemade art.

Yes, you want to celebrate and admire your child’s creativity. But not having a plan for where it all goes can create a disorganized look and feel to the room.

A large cork board centered on the playroom wall that is dedicated to kid art is the solution. The framed space brings order to all that beautiful abstract art.

Art gallery getting full? Retire older masterpieces in labeled plastic document holders — one for each child.

Lose the Boxes

This is a short and sweet tip that will save space and keep your playroom clean.

Things like puzzles and card games can be stored in a playroom bin without the box. Opt for a labeled ziplock bag containing key info like directions or the full puzzle picture.

Say goodbye to fighting with those tattered boxes that end up spilling game pieces.

Everybody’s Gotta Learn the Clean up Song

Ok mama, this is where things come together nicely. Not going to lie though, it’ll take some work.

You have a nice system here where everything has a home now. At the end of each day, your child has everything they need to put away the toys in a simple but effective way.

But your job is to consistently make sure your child is cleaning up. Depending on their age, you might help them. But they for sure have to master putting back what they take out, no excuses.

Play time means cleaning up afterwards. Or at least before getting ready for bed.

The good news is that since you have so many places to store toys, it really isn’t a hard task to enforce. Pro tip? Sing the clean up song for some inspiration.

Keep up the Good Work

Congratulations! You have successfully brought order to what previously was a disaster zone.

Like all systems, this will require a little maintenance every few months. About twice a year you should go through each bin and toss or donate what's no longer in rotation. Have a bag ready for donating toys and another for tossed items.

Doing this before the holidays and during the summer are two great times to start with.

Involve your children in this process too. Broken toys, missing parts and scraps of who-knows-what need to be cleared out to make way for newer games, crafts and toys. This exercise will help them learn to let go of things not needed and avoid clutter.
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