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How to Be Ready for Anything With a Baby

Fact:  Baby’s will change your life in the most rewarding way.

But they’re also really good at throwing a big wrench into your schedules and even your sense of time.  Have you ever gone on a trip with a little one?  Packing for babies can be really overwhelming!  Sadly, gone are the days of fitting everything into one carefully packed carry on.

While your day to day has definitely changed, you can still totally crush life with a baby. Mastering all this change is part of the fun!

Are you wondering how you can avoid mishaps and even get ahead in the day… all with your baby in tow?

Preparing for motherhood books will give excellent advice on understanding how babies operate but not a lot of focus goes into how to not lose your mind when you can't find matching baby socks.

Sure, it might feel impossible now, but with a little guidance, you’ll breeze through it like the boss that you are.

Always Have Extra

You’ll figure out pretty quickly what to expect as a new mom.  One word: blowouts.

So there’s one giant rule every parent understands to survive; never run out of diapers or onesies.

Being stranded in a situation where your last clean diaper just got soiled is a total nightmare.  You’re left scrambling and planning, knowing one wrong move and you could have an uncomfortable crying baby added to the mix too.

And if the blowout has escaped your baby’s diaper, your situation is a far worse one.

The best way to stay ready across the board is to always have extra… of everything.

Start with knowing what to pack in a diaper bag and then add more.  Snacks, binkies and onesies to name a few.  And at home you can never have enough bibs and burp cloths.

But don’t forget about you!  Those early days will be met with spit up and drool galore.  Having extra shirts handy both at home and for the diaper bag will cover you in a pinch.

Plan a Day Ahead

As much as you can, commit to spending a few minutes each evening prepping for the next day.

This includes checking the weather, thinking about dinner (maybe taking out the frozen chicken to thaw?) and restocking diaper bags.

Believe it or not, science supports the idea that a few minutes planning each day will save you big time!

Too many on the spot choices can actually have an effect on your brain.  Experiencing “decision fatigue” can leave you less productive and vulnerable to bigger hiccups¹.

If you can invest a few minutes to look into tomorrow, your brain will have a little wiggle room when or if surprises pop up.  Think diaper blowouts, play dates, traffic or pediatrician appointments you might’ve forgotten about.

Try planning outfits (including yours!), snacks and lunches.

Running through the calendar, even briefly, keeps you in the know about what to expect.

Give Yourself Time

Part of being ready for anything with a baby is getting ready.

Umm, what?

Well, everything is so new and coming at you pretty quickly.  Sure, those mom instincts are fired up and taking charge, but remember that practice makes perfect.  You won't be a pro on day one.  And each day you’ll get better and better.

So how do you prepare for motherhood if you’ve never actually been a mom before?

Some days you’ll be crushing it.  Nap time will be effortless, you’ll have laundry done and dinner made and your family will be smiling at you with adoration.

And some days your goal will be simply to survive.

The best part about being a mom is that you’re still absolutely perfect in both of these scenarios.  You’re still the superhero who is an incredible mom to your little one.

Have grace for yourself.  Don’t hold onto the feeling of failure on days that you missed the mark.

Forgot to pack something in the diaper bag?  Didn’t have time to puree your own baby food this week?  Are you playing a game of tip toe around the scattered toys on the floor?

All moms have been there!  And guess what?  Rome wasn't built in a day.  Being a mom who is ready for anything takes some practice.

Eat Something!

All this day to day figuring out how to be ready for a baby is going to leave you hungry.  And you might know by now that a hungry mom leads to a not so happy mom.

No matter what is happening, don’t forget to keep yourself nourished.  You are the Chief-Make-It-Happen in your home.

Proper nutrition and self care will keep you sharp and able to stay on top of the many mom responsibilities that will pop up.

Whether you’re figuring out how to create an epic diaper bag checklist or looking up how to find the best baby shoes, fueling up on the right foods will keep you going.

Choosing the right foods for yourself are proven to increase brain function, so don’t reach for just anything to get full².  When in doubt a piece of fruit, cut up veggies or a granola bar are great snacks on the run.


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