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7 Unpopular Ways You Can Get Ready for a New Baby

Getting ready for motherhood can be pretty overwhelming.  Between all the research on baby gear and reading up on how to raise a healthy little one, this probably feels like you’re back in those SAT prep days.

Most baby blogs will suggest products and tips on feeding your new sweet baby angel.  Even though this is really helpful, there’s still a lot of mommy surprises you’ll get to discover.

And if you’ve never changed a diaper or breastfed before, you just have to practice to get better. 

But don’t worry because as all moms find out, you're already a pro.

Get a head start with this helpful list of not-so-common mom tips to be ready. 

Stockpile Diapering Products

This controversial tip is actually advised against by most mommy blogs. 


Well, you don’t know how fast your baby will grow and that makes getting the right number of each diaper size a bit tricky.  And some babies might have better results with certain types of lotions or diaper brands.

Or, if you’re considering between cloth diapering and disposable, maybe you aren’t even sure which way to go.

But having enough baby supplies to last you a few months or more can give you so much relief.

Having this one thing marked off your list for a period of time lets you focus on your baby and yourself.  If you have concerns about your baby’s skin reacting to a lotion or diaper rash cream, load up on brands that work for sensitive skin.

Have Baby Formula on Hand

If you’re planning on exclusively breastfeeding or using a breast pump to express milk for your baby, then the idea of having formula in the house seems totally unnecessary.

However, think of baby formula in the pantry as an insurance policy.  There’s no shame in supplementing if your milk supply is slow starting or runs low.

In a pinch, formula is also a great option if there is no extra supply for Dad to use while you take that hard earned nap.

Since your body knows to meet the demand of your growing baby (which is amazing, by the way), be sure to use formula the right way.

Meaning you should breastfeed first and offer formula afterwards if your baby still seems hungry.  And for every bottle of formula given without breastfeeding first, express new breastmilk to keep up your supply.

Treat Yourself to the Fanciest Reusable Water Bottle 

As you probably learned while pregnant, hydration is crucial for the health of you and your baby. 

Skipping water for soda or juice won’t help you stay sharp and will definitely affect your breastmilk supply.

Not to mention your body needs to be properly hydrated while you are likely sleep deprived and figuring out all things baby.  And having a huge container of water with you around the house is super helpful, especially if you’re nursing.

Sure, you can opt for a kitchen cup or a regular bottle for water.  But that uninspiring cup will be part of your mom uniform.  So why not add a little flare?

Splurging on a super fun and flashy drink accessory makes hydrating way easier.

There are great temperature controlled options out there.  S’well water bottles keep your ice chilled for long periods of time and come in so many cute colors.

Add a pair of sleek sunglasses and you’ll be the coolest, well hydrated mom on the block.

Load up on Audiobooks and Podcasts

It’s ok to admit that your new life with a newborn can feel, at times, a bit lonely.

You’re home longer, likely tired from late night and early morning feedings and you just can't socialize like you used to.  At least for a while.

There will inevitably be times you’ll be… well, bored.

A great way to keep your mind entertained and engaged is to listen to books or podcasts on topics that interest you.

Maybe your pre-baby days included curling up all day with a great book and getting lost in a story.  Or you consumed your parenting books on the train commute to work each day.

But your hands and eyes are needed for rocking, burping, gazing and snuggling now.

Turning on something you love to listen to while you nurse, clean and change diapers keeps you feeling connected.

Pop in some headphones for when you’re listening to a riveting mystery while snuggling that sweet sleeping baby.  Or listen to your church’s podcast together while folding laundry.

Don’t Skip the Baby Keepsake

A must have baby item and something that you will absolutely need and cherish is a collection of ways to capture early memories.

Don’t rely on getting everything you need as a baby shower gift, though.  These days, there’s tons of ways to hold onto each sweet moment and track those baby growth spurts.

Setting aside a special chest for your baby keepsake box gives you a special place to stash those first pair of baby booties and the hospital bracelet.

And you’ll absolutely struggle on what photos to frame because they’ll all be so stinkin’ adorable.  Having ready a healthy collection of frames you love is a great way to prepare for your new muse.

Invest in Hired Help

If your budget allows, prepare for your baby by having someone ready to hire for house cleaning services.

Even having someone deep clean just once a month will make a huge difference.

When you first start your journey as a new mama, the idea of cleaning and doing laundry feels nearly impossible.  And the pile of loose baby sock shoes in the hamper might just give you nightmares.

And while working in chores does get easier as your baby grows, you will feel like a new person when your floors sparkle and bathrooms sing again — all without you lifting the broom.

All extra cash going to diapers?  Take your baby on a walk around the neighborhood while an offering family member tackles your dust bunnies.

Babylist.com is a registry that allows for unique gifts, like house cleaning services, to be added alongside your traditional baby items.

Have a Comfy Maternity Leave Wardrobe 

Part of helping you get into the rhythm as a new mom is keeping some kind of order.  A solid morning routine that includes changing out of pajamas is necessary, no matter how tired you are.

A fresh pair of forgiving and comfy maternity leggings will completely change your day.

Having a good amount of casual shirts and pants that can go from nap... to playground... to Target, make all the difference.  Just be sure to stay spit up ready with a clean shirt on standby.

And don’t feel the need to sacrifice style or your personality here.  A few mom life shirts with catchy phrases or a chic sweater that makes you feel cute are great ways to shine.

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