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5 Never-fail Tricks to Get a Baby to Sleep

If you're a new mama you are exhausted and your body and mind feel like scrambled eggs. You're thinking how can I get my baby to sleep一stat. Here’s the good news: they sleep a lot. About 18 hours a day at first. So let’s get them dozing off and you relaxing.

First things first, they always need a clean diaper and a full belly. That's generally half the battle.

Stay Calm

Babies can read your energy. When the doorbell rings or the dog barks, they will look at your face to see if they should be startled. Stay calm. Make it a time of quiet peace for you both.


At nighttime, to help your baby get into a good sleeping pattern, always change them into pajamas. Dim the lights.

Walk or Drive

If you live in a city, grab your stroller and start walking. It’s a great time to catch up on phone calls and get a little exercise. Babies love the change of scenery. They quickly stop crying while you are busy doing you. If you live in the country, take a short drive, and bring the whole car seat wherever you need to be.


Tried and true, rock your baby in a rocking chair. Hold them as long as you want and gently lay them down in bed.

Make some Noise

There’s a very good reason people used to run the vacuum to get a baby to sleep一it works. Another great trick is to dry your hair with a hairdryer. The sound lulls them to sleep quickly.


If all else fails, give them a pacifier or let them breast feed. It’s soothing to babies. If your baby is interested in her fingers, lucky you! She can soothe herself.

And now, you should have 90 minutes minimum to shower/hustle/slay. Go get ‘em.

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